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The Unleashing Potentials as Judgment Ascends into Divine Justice

The Unleashing Potentials as Judgment Ascends into Divine Justice The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Bio-quantum masters, new potentials are unleashing through you as judgment ascends into divine justice. Let’s follow this potential and track its ongoing effects on you and your world so that you can “presence” how you’re creating these new potentials. There is a vast difference being revealed in your realization between unleashing potentials in awareness or judgment perceptions. Indeed, new bio-essence DNA heart compassion has grown judgment into a new-essence quality of justice. Such is free-energy communication.

Many argue, or commune within core self, how you can keep a pulse on or assist in the world without being pulled into its chaos. This chaos is bringing about massive change to transform the old systems that humanity has outgrown. Cosmic biophysics does not allow evolution to go against life. Life does not anti-life itself or de-evolve. Hence, with your new, super-intuitive consciousness, you can bring your attention to any old, trapped energy systems such as politics, religion, technology, or human suffering, and use your master awareness, which offers higher-frequency potentials for benevolent outcomes.

This realization keeps you from being an energy-filtering, empathic virus for all the world’s conflicts. Your consciousness, by simply allowing observation or awareness, transmits a higher potential to all humanity, such that a higher-frequency choice can be sensed throughout the planet’s resonance. Awareness is one of your finest essence/sense instruments. It always brings an opening for human spirits to share the soul-heart’s openings for innovations, solutions, communities, and unity. This awareness amplifies and neutralizes any imbalanced or miss-qualified energy, such as war, genocide, derision, or paralyzing argument.