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The Synergy of Cooperation

The Synergy of Cooperation The Collective Soul of Your Galaxy through Carolyn Gervais

Human lifetimes come with backup plans that make themselves known once a present plan or course of action falls through for one reason or another, such as being let go from a job, losing a loved one, or a desire to do something very different with your life. Your soul continually uses your human choices to create and re-create new goals and options that can bring to life a new way of seeing the world around you as well as yourself in that world.

With Wisdom Comes Much Sorrow and the Neocortex Brain

In Lemuria, many thousands of years ago, different tribes had different beliefs and ways of surviving. The younger and newer a tribe, the more barbaric they were when killing anyone who got in their way of stealing food, water, weapons, and animal skins from sleeping tribes in the middle of the night. Brutal survival skills identified younger tribes by their mercilessness. They acted purely from the reptilian brain, which is all about survival by whatever means, including killing women and children.

When a person acts solely, or mainly, out of the reptilian brain, he or she does not know or understand what true compassion or love feels like. You can only change through painful experiences such as failure, devastating loss of what was valued, and possibly a few incarnations of deep hardship. The more diverse a life and the more times you have incarnated on Earth determines how open and aware your consciousness, mind, and heart become from living as a human on Earth.