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Protection Redefined

Protection Redefined The Cosmic Essence Brethren through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Beloved angels of great light, we come forward with love and greet you. Birthing in full view of the entire universal channels of divine illumination, the moment of universal healing has arrived. This great healing energy is a fluid moment that has come from the heart-call of those shepherding the grand shift.

Many of you cry out, asking for specific days, times, places, and more. We hear you, and let us share that in this particular divine moment is the gift of vast fluidity. We share this awareness with you, because a great motion and momentum have arisen and are present as the fluid moment. This is a glorious miracle.

The Symbolism of Interference

The perception and experience of interference energy is both symbolic and in great perfection, for within the healing moment all interference arises with great power, and it manifests in myriad ways in all areas. You might ask, “Can I protect myself? Can I create whatever I need to stop this interference?” This is a valuable and wise question, indeed.