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Love Will Propel You Forward

Love Will Propel You Forward Paul Hudon

I have been thinking about how people search for ways to reach a higher state of consciousness. Some use drugs; others, myself included, choose to meditate as a way to reach a higher plane of awareness. What if we were to use the strength of love as a vehicle to reach planes of consciousness previously unknown to us? Is it possible to reach higher states of consciousness through love? I thought that I would seek the wisdom from my inner voice on this subject.

The idea that we can reach higher realms of consciousness through love is different than what many of us have been taught. Would you shed some light on this?

You must first accept that the basis of all life — all that you see, feel, and touch — has been created through love. The intention of reaching higher realms of consciousness is to reconnect with this loving energy. No matter how beautiful or challenging life may appear, the energy of all creation is the energy of love. The deeper you experience love, the higher the levels of consciousness you will experience.