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Live a Big Life

Live a Big Life Red Eagle through Therese Dorer

Therese: The vision I see is of an expansive landscape of prairie grass blowing in the wind. The sky is vast and a deep azure blue. Flying high over the landscape is a huge red eagle that swoops and soars in the clear sky. With a flash of white light, the eagle lands on the earth and shape-shifts into Red Eagle.

Red Eagle: I come to each of you today and enfold you in the highest light and love as you journey on Earth. I have come to you in the form of an eagle to remind you of the importance of seeing your world from different perceptual states. The eagle sits in the east in the land of the rising sun, and in this place, she holds the energy of new birth, for each new dawn is an opportunity to begin anew.

Before you incarnated into the human form you now enjoy, you were pure, divine spirit. In that form, you were able to see the complete picture of all that is. From this oneness, you emerged and shape-shifted into the human form you now embrace. My message today is to remind you that you can still access the divine wisdom that is you. This is possible as well as essential for your well-being on Earth. It is so important to remember your magnificence and to consummate knowing. The way back to this divine wisdom is to embrace self-love, self-discovery, and self-reflection.