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Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light Juliano and the Arcturians and Archangel Michael through David K. Miller

Juliano: Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians. There is so much to say about light, and there is so much need for more light on this planet. This talk is about the history of light in the galaxy and universe, including instructions concerning how each of you can take advantage of being a lightworker by receiving and sending out light to others.

Light is stronger than darkness; therefore, where there is light, there cannot be darkness. This seems obvious. Much of the discussion today will seem simple, yet simple is good. Sometimes it is important to go back to the basics of spirituality, and the basis of all spirituality is light.

In the creation of the universe, there was the “word,” and the word was spoken. The first words spoken as recorded in the Bible were, “Let there be light” [Genesis 1:3, NIV]. This is instructive on two levels. The first level is that there was a pre-existence before light, and the creation of light occurred after the words were spoken. This also tells you of the importance of light in the creation of this universe.