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Insight into the Coming Timeline Merge

Insight into the Coming Timeline Merge eM through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. I am Em. I join you today in such a beautiful energy. Humanity is evolving at an incredible pace. Today we share with you what is coming and your position in it. So much is taking place right now.

Stretch Your Soul in Esayoto

Over time, the physical body will begin to lose density, and your spirit will start to emerge. It happens very naturally, very comfortably. This is a natural stage of evolution, not something you must do. It is simply your willingness to go forward and step into those next energies.

We have also recently opened the Esayoto, which is a safe space where you can step up from Earth and stretch out as a spirit. Learn to revitalize your spirit first, and then strengthen the process of connecting to Home while you walk on Earth. These processes become more important as you step into this next level.