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Honor Your Shadows

Honor Your Shadows Expressions of Light from the Merlin Court through Thelma Bodnar

Archangels call out to you today to receive messages of love and light and also to show concern and acknowledgment of your daily dilemmas. You are being asked to choose wisely through all the tumultuous adventures that you call your life. Your shadows of long ago in this life, as well as shadows brought in from previous lifetimes and other dimensions, are coming forward.

As you honor their appearance in your life, it is wise to acknowledge their hold on you from past days of hiding them from yourself and others. The shadows coming forward represent the last vestiges of powerlessness you have carried with you through most of your existences.

Many shadows have been resolved, and we honor your dedication in relaxing and releasing their hold on you. Those shadows now coming forward to be healed are the strongest and most serious. Your successful breakthroughs will release so much discomfort and dis-ease that you won’t be able to comprehend why you carried them all through these many lifetimes. You are becoming your true self, and your acceptance of past mistakes and lessons is part of your true nature.