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Growth during Difficult Times

Growth during Difficult Times Phyllis Light

Perhaps you have noticed that the energies have been rather intense for a number of months now, or maybe you haven’t noticed. There are actually two ways to go through life. One way is to “go third-dimensional” and ignore what you are feeling deep down. This isn’t really recommended, but some choose it, hoping that ignorance is indeed bliss. The subconscious rationale for this is “maybe if I don’t know what’s going on inside of me, I won’t have to deal with it.”

For those of you who allow yourselves to be in tune and aware of what you are thinking and feeling — in the name of personal and spiritual growth — you may feel quite pummeled by the intense energies experienced planetary-wide. You may feel extremely exhausted and have a difficult time keeping up with all that is going on in your world — both inner and outer.

As one who helps people clear their negative, subconscious programming and free them to make better choices for their highest good, I am continually aware of their experiences. For many, life has been challenging and often quite difficult for the past eight to nine months. I wanted to bring you some information and insights I have gleaned to help you through these times.