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Expand Your Love, Evolve Your Soul

Expand Your Love, Evolve Your Soul Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

In your process as evolutionary light particles of the Creator Force, you are given countless opportunities to explore experiences of being love incarnate. As you weave through these experiences — also called lifetimes — you evolve your understanding of what love means.

Now, this is not just about third-dimensional human lives on evolutionary planets such as Earth. Your experience is open to all dimensional possibilities and all levels of light. In a denser field such as Earth, souls can experience multiple — hundreds — lifetimes to resolve experiences with other souls (also known as karma) as they travel the evolutionary path to a higher-dimensional experience of love.

You are coming to an elevation of love awareness, a dimensional shift of consciousness, on your planet. It is truly an exceptional opportunity for evolving souls to raise their frequency and their understanding of love to new levels and to shift with Mother Earth. As she raises her vibration into the next dimensional awareness, so can you.