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Everything and Nothing

Everything and Nothing One Life through Catherine Weser

Where do you draw the line that separates you from whatever else is not you? Is the line just outside your skin? Does your body identify you and everything else as the world “out there?” Do you include an aura of light or energy around your body as inclusive of the you that you are familiar with?

We suggest that All That Is — all that you experience and perceive — is you, and you are One Life. Anything that seems to not be you is a temporary and arbitrary notion of “other,” dependent on the temporary and arbitrary notion of you as an entity. If you are One Life — not a thing, a person, a self, or anything you can name — then no “other” exists that is not you.

In a flash of knowing that you are One Life — a kind of everything and nothing simultaneously — a great liberation arises from the burden of separation. We call the maintenance of separation a burden because it is truly where you consume a lot of your energy. You spend a lot of your conscious and unconscious resources trying to identify what is you and what is not you in order to feel functional in a world of separate entities. Even though you might believe that all is One Life awareness, you might also believe that living a life requires you and everyone else to stay within normal boundaries — to claim yourself and others as individuals.