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Envision the Dream about to Unfold

Envision the Dream about to Unfold The Guides through Deborah Harrington

We are here, and we have been looking forward to our speaking. There are many gathered here wanting to contribute to this session. There is great excitement on our side about the times you are currently in. We would start with what we see when we look to Earth and the current events taking place.

The Tide Has Turned toward Love

Let us start with an encouraging note about what we see happening. It is a great change that takes place as you reach your current goal to learn to live in love. Enough of you have made a commitment to change your lives to reflect this love you committed to have and express. Critical mass has been reached. The tide has turned. In other words, the times you have long dreamed of living in have arrived and cannot be missed.

This leads to great chaos for some as the world of greed and self-indulgence begins to unravel. There is no longer the support needed to keep up that lifestyle. This brings great difficulties for these ones as they have had the least practice living a life of love. It will, however, be possible for them to have a change of heart, do the work, and join the fun. Many of these who have been slow to change will have a sudden change of heart. Many will not choose to go this way and will try to stick with the old plan. The times will be most difficult for the ones who refuse to come along.