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The Enlightened Clock

The Enlightened Clock Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This is the tenth channeling and the final one of the Azores series. We are on the small island of Pico. This was an eventful day during which many experienced joy and bliss and actually felt a connection with the dolphins and the whales. The sea was quieter, the sun shone, and Gaia really blossomed for so many.

For nine channelings on these islands, we have spoken about many different things. We’ve spoken of the connection you have with these islands, the past ancestors of Lemuria, and Earth. We’ve spoken of the purity of the grid in this area and how so many can feel it.

We’ve given information before about the dolphins and whales and why humanity, in general, is starting to revere and protect them, which wasn’t the case even fifty years ago. We’ve also talked about your connection with the akashic record and how that also may be related to the dolphins and whales. We’ve mentioned many things, but this channeling is different, very different.