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Energy Swirls of Destruction and Creation

Energy Swirls of Destruction and Creation Vywamus through Dorothy Bodenburg

Can you feel the currents of swirling energy? Separation consciousness is in quite a stir, as can be seen by the discordant nature of events around the world. Separation consciousness is a reality formed by individuals, groups, and nations that believe form is reality. This consciousness does not acknowledge or accept that human beings exist in a continuum of form to spirit. This continuum is comprised of many distinct levels of consciousness, all of which exist at once and are available to all. It is up to each individual to determine what level of consciousness to express. Each level of consciousness holds its own reality, or DNA, that acts as a filter when viewing and responding to the world.

Separation consciousness based on form is rigid. It is a closed system bound by fear, because people use form as a litmus test for what is real. Political, media, religious, and cultural institutions are also based on form and designed to maintain and sustain. This presents resistance to the natural order of evolution and change since new creation can only take place from a higher consciousness level from the existing form. Even though form appears solid, it is just a slower vibration of energy. Energy is the basic fiber of life. It is the clay used to make form.

All creation happens in the same way. People perceive energy vibrations in the form of a vague or abstract idea. The idea is further identified and applied. When the idea or concept is developed, accepted, and used by many people, it then coalesces enough energy to create a vibrational shift on a consciousness level. Technology is a perfect example of potential ideas becoming possibilities and then being implemented in unique ways. The more people who share the consciousness level of technology, the more an idea expands and becomes more comprehensive. It is up to humanity to decide the place technology plays in creating reality.