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Dream Zone: Dreams Guide Us Away from Trouble

Dream Zone: Dreams Guide Us Away from Trouble Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I had a dream that I was in my house, and all the floors were collapsing except my bedroom. I tried to save all my elephants, my son’s urn, and my curtains. Then I woke up and don’t know whether I saved them.

— Louise, 53, Sudbury, ON

From Lauri: This dream concerns me that either your emotional stability is crumbling or you are not feeling emotionally supported by others. Your elephants most likely represent memories you are holding on to of your son. Is there anything special about the curtains? If not, then they may represent the way you choose to view the world, as curtains frame our view of the outside world in real life. I wonder whether a change of perspective is in order.

Louise replies: I am under a lot of stress. My youngest son is involved in the drug scene. If he doesn’t get away from it, I feel I will lose him. Also, my relationship of nineteen years has never been good, and I just can’t seem to leave it.