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Disruptive Energies Create a New Paradigm

Disruptive Energies Create a New Paradigm Lady Portia and Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

Star: This year has been amazingly intense, with many unexpected and seemingly disruptive events that challenge our fortitude and resolve. Many of us ask, “What on Earth is going on? Did I do something wrong to cause all this to happen in my life?”

The beings of light in the ascended realms tell us nothing could be further from the truth. They assure us that this time of disruption and change has been carefully designed and implemented for a higher purpose: to benefit Earth, and all of us, by disrupting old, limiting patterns of human thought and behavior and their resulting creations in the outer world of form. The divine purpose of this activity is designed to stimulate the creation of many new things in human experience that will vibrate at a much higher level of frequency and support the creation of a new paradigm on Earth.

These energies are specifically designed to stimulate the creation of the new in all areas of our lives and to encourage us to focus on viable alternatives to the old, limiting modalities we have known. As individuals, we can now consciously embrace the new paradigms rapidly appearing on the horizon of human thought, based on truth and freedom. Then we can realize our highest potential.