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The Dawn of Responsible Cocreation

The Dawn of Responsible Cocreation Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The energies for September 2019 are about bringing forth the 5D, spiritual beliefs, emotions, feelings, nurturance, unconditional love, and heart energies into the daily life as a way of being and living. This is about restructuring life so that the frameworks are flexible in dealing with the balance of the masculine and feminine energies within the self. This is about letting go of the old ways, which create confusion and drama due to their limitations brought about by the belief that wholeness is found outside the self rather than inside.

All people will be required to discover and create the sacred marriage between the masculine and feminine within themselves. Doing this helps all come to terms with the diverse energies involved in balancing the receptive surrender of the vulnerable energies of the feminine powers with the masculine manifestation building powers of 3D creation on Earth. The combination of the sacred marriage within and these energies will empower all to express themselves in a way that is whole, independent, and self-responsible. Once this is attained within, connection with others outside the self transform to entering into actions of choice, desire, and freedom rather than actions based on projection, need, expectation, or hidden agendas.

As the ego is released to work more with the heart energies (rather than attempt to control through the mind due to this sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine within), the compassionate and nurturing construction of the balanced reciprocity of giving and receiving in the figure eight flow brings healing and clarity to the perfected vision of what is possible. This achievement creates the possibility for more intimate connections among people on all levels.