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Choose Your Hologram

Choose Your Hologram Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

You live in a holographic state. We know this sounds intriguing, but it is where you are now. Many dimensions have come together into a point of light and swirl all around you. You get to choose which hologram you want to attach your consciousness to. Will it be old Earth with its struggles and darkness? Or will it be a New Earth of love and light?

Dancing all around you are opportunities and possibilities, and you as the Creator’s creators are the ones to bring what you desire into the New Earth paradigm. This is the pinnacle of creation. You have always been the ones to create worlds on worlds for the Creator. The Creator trusts you implicitly. We know your hearts intimately, and we gave you free will because we trust your intuition to follow your heart.

What is your intuition telling you every moment? You have dropped the ego banter and now feel empty. Listen to the God space in your heart, my dears, and I will whisper softly to you, but the guidance you receive is your inner higher spirit. I will not tell you which road to take, for it is all of your making. I can be called on for support and love, but I will not interfere.