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Brace Yourselves for an Epidemic of Enlightenment

Brace Yourselves for an Epidemic of Enlightenment Lynn Buess

The headlines this month will both raise and lower the emotional heartbeat of the masses, as both the sordid and the sublime seep closer to the surface of the human consciousness. As the human race reaches ever further into outer space (and reconnection to its past), the hidden darkness of our past spirals ever upward and out of the collective unconscious.

Continuing discoveries from the multiple branches of biology, technology, math, chemistry, and cosmology stagger the imagination and take us beyond sci-fi to where no one has gone before! Or have we? Humanity longs to reach a pinnacle of social evolution that brings true peace, harmony, and cooperation among all Earth’s population. This is not to be confused with the slogans and misleading public relations programs of those who use slogans suggesting such to attain additional control and manipulation of the sleeping, drugged, and “dumbed down” population.

The presidential race reveals how corrupt the process has become and how little the vote of each citizen has to do with the outcome. By now, the Republican’s agenda becomes a bit more defined, even when it appears that the president does not know what it is. Awakening souls wait to see whether a small, well-intended voice of integrity can rise above the party propaganda and globalist outline for our fate.