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Akashic Answers: The Goddesses of Egypt

Akashic Answers: The Goddesses of Egypt Amanda Romania

Welcome to Akashic Answers. This month, we’re featuring some of the questions I’ve received regarding the goddesses of Egypt.

I love Egypt, and since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the Egyptian gods and goddesses — especially the goddesses. My question is this: How is it that I feel drawn to several goddesses rather than just one? When I hear about your temple work in Egypt, I love the idea of the Philae Temple, but I keep connecting to Hathor instead, and I sometimes see Seshat in my dreams. I often connect to Ma’at when looking at images. Do I have a past-life connection? I work as an editor for a very well-known magazine and wonder if this has any connection.

— Lauren, Chicago

From Amanda: I absolutely see you in Egypt in more than one past life. This can sometimes happen, but I tuned into a particular life that I think best answers your question.