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Unite the Soul through Self-Understanding

Unite the Soul through Self-Understanding The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

By the time most people become adults, they have been told that there is a God who created their world and a realm called heaven. They are told that in heaven, there is nothing but the total peace, love, and bliss of that God. Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, and many other masters who have roamed Earth have expressed their versions of a son of God. That son was made in the Father’s image, that of Spirit. Of course, God’s son could only be that of Spirit, light, and the Creative Source that creates all life. That life energy permeates everything and everyone who has never left heaven, or God, except in thought, belief, and dreams.

You are all God’s perfect sons and daughters merged as one on the other side of the veils that hide that truth from you. Those veils come from the human error of not being open and aware enough to conceive what is real from what is not. For instance, life is all there is because what you call death is also life that continuously expands into other aspects. Death is an illusion of the mind.

Your gift from the Creative Force is free will. You can create and re-create with your beliefs, thoughts, dreams, experiences, and emotions that come from all your perceived pasts and your present. In other words, they come from your personal akash.