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Superconsciousness St. Germain through Rebecca Dawson

We are with you in every moment, every cell, and every aspect of your being. But you are here to discover that we are one. There has been so much in your learning and experience that has led you to ask, “Who am I? What am I? What is the nature of life and consciousness that presents itself through me?” For humans, often that is the quest for an identity: “What am I?” Truly, what is the distinction between “Who am I?” and “What am I?” Here in your Earth reality, these tend to be the same — “who” and “what.” Do you agree?

What we are really looking at here is the essence of life, and when you live from a concept of identity, it is very difficult to remember that you are the essence of life. You are the life. You are not living a life and you are not expressing as an experience of life in this reality, because that is not going to be enough for you anymore. This is about moving deeply into the recognition and experience with you that you are the life and that every living cell — every aspect of light that pulsates within you — is a universe unto itself.

It is easy to understand that you have a consciousness, that you have a soul and an identity you express through this physical form. But we wish to go beyond this with you. We wish you to experience the sun in the solar system of who you are, the vortex in the galaxy of who you are, and the eye in the center of the universe for who you are. You might have glimpsed the essence of multidimensionality that you are and that the move out of your human identity into your true capacity directly involves your understanding of your multidimensional self. What is it like to experience that? What does that mean? How can you embrace this beyond identity? Even those beginning to glimpse who they are beyond this reality still relate their experiences back to this form — the “I” that you have come to understand.