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Shamanic Wisdom: The Breath of Creation

Shamanic Wisdom: The Breath of Creation Jan Engels-Smith

During a meditation, I was told that every person is born with the capacity to change the world singlehandedly and that we must cultivate and employ this gift. The basis of this entreaty from the spirits is the creation laws that govern our ability to influence change and provide each individual with remarkable power.

In subsequent meditations, I received extensive information. What follows is an extremely brief description of the creation laws as they were revealed to me.

The creation laws are primary in comprehending our collective power as human beings and to claim our empowerment as individuals. Both collective and individual actions are essential for our evolution and to fully employ the ascension energies that will effect change in the modern world. Because of what I have witnessed as an energy medicine practitioner, these laws have shaped my beliefs and are an integral part of what I have focused on for several years in my teachings. The guidance I have received from the spirits has been insistent and consistent in directing me to study, understand, live by, and teach the creation laws.