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Recognize the Reasons for Boundaries

Recognize the Reasons for Boundaries One Life through Catherine Weser

If you pay attention to the world’s news, you hear a lot of discussion of boundaries and borders — how open or closed they should be. This affects your notion of your personal boundaries and borders. How open or closed should they be?

Your personal boundaries do not exist in any other fashion than your arbitrary generation of them. No one can see your boundaries; no one can tell you where you start and where you end. You determine that in each moment of your existence. Every time you relate to anyone or anything, you generate a boundary so that you can communicate. All words spoken depend on agreements and boundaries as to meanings. Living in the practical world requires constantly creating and changing boundaries.

Why are boundaries necessary? They are necessary to identify and label the objects of your reality. They are required if you are to have any control of your experience. Imagine no boundaries. You can’t, because the idea of your self requires some sense of what is not your self; therefore, a boundary must be established between the two ideas.