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Listen to Find Understanding

Listen to Find Understanding Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, we are a collective of the human family that encompasses the energy and heart of what you call Gaia. We include the wisdom of the Hathors and others who dearly love you for the bravery you continue to show during these turbulent and chaotic times.

Indeed, it often seems that your world is regressing, and in some ways, this is true. Because yours is a planet of free choice, it allows much illusion to take place. This causes you to doubt the essence of your existence as beings capable of great, collective benevolence and to therefore forget who you are. So in these times that are so challenging, what can you do to survive the storms that cross your path and cause you to lose hope in humanity?

Remember the big picture. Many people on Earth do not agree with the direction that some of your human leaders are trying to force on the populace. Indeed, the tactics and manipulation that have gone on for years to keep people afraid and stuck in the illusion that you must fight an enemy to survive are old, old tricks. Those in power have used them to keep the flow of money and devotion diverted to their interests. You have seen how this has played out when you study your human history, how institutions have often selfishly exploited the populace to polish and illuminate one worldview as the only safe and viable way to live.