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Let Things Be What They Are

Let Things Be What They Are Divine Mother through Athene Raefiel

I was truly amazed the day I intuited this message and the Divine Mother herself spoke to me. She told me that this promises to be a tremendous time, as she will be interceding on our behalf. She told me that so many prayers had been requested by so many beings, including the archangels, that she feels it is necessary to bring the feminine energy into play in a much greater way for this planet and her people.

The Divine Mother told me that the time of men running this planet needs to end, and it is time for women to take the reins. There will be compassion from the feminine principle along with an understanding of long-term peace. The Divine Mother is the one all beings answer to even in the higher levels, such as the archangels. We have many creators, but all work with her. This is why Earth and her oceans are always referred to as female and ascended master women are referred to as mothers, such as Mother Mary.

What to Expect

Energies will be shifting all over the place. Sometimes you will be in good spirits and then down and then in good spirits again. You will be dealing with massive energies of sadness, fear, love, and compassion, and sometimes a sense of hopelessness will change things. Sometimes we just have to let things be what they are for a while.