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Learn to Use the Torus of Love

Learn to Use the Torus of Love Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We connect with you in the energy of love today. There is a resonance in the energy around your planet that speaks of, what you call, love. It is one of the higher frequencies of energy that you are able to experience in your third-dimensional body. Yes, there are energies of higher frequencial vibration than that of love. Soon you will be able to sense these energies and use them to create — to manifest — a more beautiful and harmonious reality for others (all living things and beings on your planet) and yourself.

For now, the highest frequencial vibration you are able to sense and utilize is the one you call love. It emanates from the most vital organ in your body — the heart. Specifically, it resides in a special place deep in your heart, which some call the sacred space — the specific location where this energy is created and from where it is broadcast. This is not an imaginary place. It exists in your physicality. Those who work with body energies and the energies that surround the body know that the heart has its own energy field, which is extremely powerful. Of all the energy fields, vortexes, and meridians that exist within and without the human body, the heart’s is the strongest and most pure by far. It’s because the frequency of the sacred space in the heart is of such a high vibration.

The form of this energy is a torus. You might know about an aspect of the center of the torus, which has been called a black hole. In addition to the black hole, there is also what is known as a white hole. It exists at the opposite end of the black hole and is the opposite energy. You call the energy of the black hole negative and that of the white hole positive. This is not to define negative as bad and positive as good. It is simply the definition of energy polarity. Black negative energy attracts, and white positive energy repels.