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Imprint Love on Humankind’s Collective Consciousness

Imprint Love on Humankind’s Collective Consciousness Archangel Michael through Natalie Glasson

You are a sacred spiritual being connected to all that is loving and divine in the universe of the Creator. You are the source of all healing and change in your life for you and past and future generations. You have the ability to gather information, ideas, and behavior patterns from your physical body and energetic field. All you need to know to heal your past lives and generational timelines is within you now waiting to be discovered. You have the ability to free all who have come before you and your past lifetimes from the burdens, limitations, and suffering that you now store as information within you. This will result in liberation for you and generations to come.

Whether or not you believe you are a spiritual being existing in a human body, you are on Earth now to explore the positive impact you can imprint on your life and the lives of others. A sacred, special, and divine love exists within us. Our inner love heals, uplifts, transforms, and shares profound wisdom from beyond earthly realities. This love can be glimpsed in romantic relationships, parent-child relationships, friendships, animal bonds, and compassion for others. However, the powerful and sacred love within you is far more expansive and abundant than this. Imagine the love you share with others, and multiply it a thousand times. You would still not come close to the bountiful expression of love that is your truth and essence.

Explore Your Infinite Being

“Love” is a word used to describe a feeling, sensation, and experience within you that can be expressed and manifested in your outside world. When love emanates from your being, you may feel happy, content, radiant, blissful, safe, and so forth. When you recognize and focus on the sacred love you embody, you will experience expansion, enlightenment, radiant health, and a sense of being connected to everyone on Earth and throughout the universe. Love on an earthly level describes your relationships with yourself and others. When you expand your understanding of love, you begin to grasp your eternal relationship with the All That Is — in truth, your sacred existence beyond your physical body.