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The Great Moment of Release

The Great Moment of Release Archangel Raphael through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Beloved ones of many worlds, we are the energy of the one experienced as Archangel Raphael. We come to you today because your planet has now entered a vast awareness calling forward abundant healing. We are always with you. May your heart remember that the “experience of you” heals in many ways that are often unknown to the will, or ego presence, of a soul that has called forward the blessing of great healing.

You Must Ask to Receive

We are aware of many organs, many hearts, and myriad energies that spiral with the glimmer of golden awareness. As we witness this gift, there is the energy of resistance commonly experienced in this world of form as doubt. The healing that is present and abundant for all to claim is the divine recognition that you are at the great moment of the release of all doubt.

Doubt is available to come forward now as a gift — a pathway to assist those willing to embrace unconditional love. It is an opportunity to claim a forward-moving energy as a profound healing energy. Consider that when you doubt, you offer yourself a moment, just a moment, of presence. Because you doubt, you are present with yourself. And through this presence, you open the great healing portal that releases doubt.