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God Wins

God Wins Ariel and Uriel through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. Peace to all beings. Mercy. Mercy. The expression we need to get through now is that time is a direction. Before you were born, you were in the eternal presence. Everything, everywhere, seen and being, is.

As you descended into the tubes in the womb, time began to take up a horizontal attitude, we’ll say, and when you were born, you were in a different presence, space, and time, as you call it. But as you grew older, you grew up, literally. Normally you become taller. You stretch out and up in time. And as you go through the process that you call death, there’s a movement of the spiritual force upward timewise, but not time.

You’re ascending into the eternal presence. The limitation becomes a horizontal attitude of the ego. You’re forgetting your I Am-ness and your eternal ability to be in the eternal presence, eternal light, in full recognition. The identification process is to understand the I Am-ness of you and what’s going on now in your world. You’re being directed backward horizontally, realizing the nature of God.