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Focus Entirely on the Light

Focus Entirely on the Light Aeszia through Ingrid Auer

You are really going through turbulent times! No matter what country and continent you inhabit, there are great changes, upheavals, and even breakdowns. Although the spiritual world has been preparing you for years, there is a big difference between hearing something and experiencing it.

In speaking to you, we do not intend to pour gas on the flames of your fears; rather, we have come to encourage you. Think of a field covered in snow. Step by step, the power and warmth of the sun increases, and the snow melts. Old, flattened grass appears, which is not at first pleasing to the eye. But take a closer look. Underneath the old layer of grass, new pale-green shoots come forth. First they can hardly be seen, but their growth cannot be stopped.

It is the same with the energies on your planet. Even though there is still too much violence, abuse of power, corruption, manipulation, and other negative excesses, tender plants are growing. I am talking about the groups of people who stand up for renewable energies, fair trade, organic food, species protection, alternative and spiritual medicine, social aid projects, and much more. Maybe you have not really noticed them, and they might even be laughed at, but they have quietly started a completely new alignment of humankind that will change everything.