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Extraordinary Senses in Common Situations

Extraordinary Senses in Common Situations Charles Shahar

By virtue of their sentience, people emit all kinds of emotional and mental projections that have a very real effect on the subtle bodies (auras) of others. People often register these subtle vibrations unconsciously. You do not have to see the actual energy interactions to get a sense of them. If you are attentive, you can detect nonverbal cues as people react to something just beyond the horizon of the mundane waking mind.

For instance, have you ever noticed what happens when you are engaged in an intense conversation with someone and a third party walks between you? Sometimes the person ducks or at least hurries as he or she passes through. Unconsciously, that person is aware that he or she is interrupting etheric streams that flow between you and your companion. In such situations, I can actually see the person’s aura contract as he or she attempts to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Consider what happens when a passive person interacts with someone who is aggressive and controlling. The former will often fold his or her arms in front of the solar plexus to protect the chakra that is open to emotional vibrations. His or her back will round, and the abdomen will retract to protect the solar plexus chakra from the offending vibrations.