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Dream Zone: Bow Down to the Queen

Dream Zone: Bow Down to the Queen Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I dreamed last night that I was in a music video with Beyoncé, and the lyrics to the song said, “Bow your head to the queen.” I remember Beyoncé bowing her head. Then I got stung in the foot by a huge wasp, and a spider flew into my hair. I have no idea what any of it means.

— Jen, 48, Laona, WI

Lauri: Something seems to be really bugging you. The wasp sting indicates that some situation really “bites” or stings. The foot is brought to attention because you need to put your foot down or stand up for yourself. The spider flying into your hair is a bit concerning not just because “Ew!” but also because it indicates there may be some sort of web of lies that is either really on your mind that you may be getting tangled up in or you are feeling trapped by what is going on. However, Beyoncé is known as the Queen Bee, and the lyrics in your dream even say, “Bow down to the queen.” Is there anyone in this situation that is acting like a queen bee? Or did you put your foot down, making you the one others must bend to?

Jen replies: This makes sense for my job. I’ve been helping another site because they were shorthanded, and I have been feeling totally taken advantage of. In fact, I told them last week that I wasn’t helping them but was doing the damn job for them while they collected the paycheck. I guess that may have been me putting my foot down. I definitely felt better saying it, as it’s been an ongoing thing for the past six months. Thanks!