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The Divine Flame of Emergence

The Divine Flame of Emergence Damon through Kenneth Drake

“We wish to remind you, beautiful soul, that it is the fire that purifies and turns into pure gold all that once seemed so very tarnished. It is the fire of the refinement, as it were. When awakening comes to you, when she moves you from your place of slumber, you will, upon awakening, feel the effects of the inner burning. We say to you that this is not a breakdown; this is a breakthrough!”

— Damon

You have heard us say that it is your true and most essential purpose in your physical incarnation to simply become aware — nothing more, nothing less. Awareness is the intended result of all your incarnation experiences within the Earth realm.

You have long-since asked, “Will it always be this difficult? Will I always seem to struggle to find my true self, and will I always feel so very disconnected from the world around me?” We say to you that it will not always be this way.