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Consciously Reside in Peace and Clarity

Consciously Reside in Peace and Clarity Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher, and I come forth once again for what we call a little chat. You are residing in your busy lives, aren’t you? Of course you are! Yet some of you have discovered that taking a little time, even a few moments, to breathe deeply, to set aside all concerns about your cause and effect, and to then reside within peace can bring you the strength and clarity that will allow you to go forth in your best way possible. Yes! And I say to you, bravo! Each time you proceed in this manner, you assist the totality of the whole, and that is major.

You see, my dears, even the small efforts you place within your day to continue to reside in peace and clarity send forth ripples within the whole. You are aware of this, of course. That is, your mind understands and perhaps recognizes what you are participating in; however, the experience itself is of major importance to you personally. Why? Here is the answer.

When you consciously reside in peace and clarity, a message flows through your entire being. The message states clearly that you are choosing this manner of vibrating. When you consciously choose this manner of vibrating, your entire being celebrates. Why? Because peace and clarity call forth the totality of who you are, your divine essence of being. Do you see? With all that is occurring on Earth during these times of great battle, of the emergence of truth and the attempt to destroy the truth that all beings are one, and when a grand awakening continues, it is necessary for you to assure the integrity of your being and to tend to your spirit.