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Connect with Your Lightbody Meditation

Connect with Your Lightbody Meditation Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

Breathe deeply several times through your heart space. Stand, preferably with music in the background, and close your eyes. With your imaginary magic wand, draw a complete circle of light around your feet. Begin Ronna’s infinity breath exercise.

Breathe in through the front of you heart, out the back of you heart, up the spine, over your head, and then return to your heart. Go through the heart, out the back, down the legs to under the feet, and then go up the front to return to your heart’s secret space. Breathe and rest there. Repeat the infinity breath twelve times, reaching toward the universe while going up and deep into Mother Earth while going down. Create a grand vertical infinity symbol that reaches out and up into the universe, returning to your heart and then connecting to the crystal core of Mother Earth.

Now imagine that bursting out the front and back of your heart are love bubbles spreading in small horizontal infinity symbols. You can name these bubbles love, light, peace, joy, wisdom, inspiration, creativity, and compassion. They are attached to your divine heart. They spread out to the front and back of your heart from the divine heart at the center.