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Ask for Humans from Beyond Earth to Heal and Transform Your Body Now

Ask for Humans from Beyond Earth to Heal and Transform Your Body Now Intermediaries for the Human Mind through Robert Shapiro

We are a group of beings that are intermediaries for the human mind with the human actual mind. All right, give us a moment. Now, today we’re going to talk about transformation, all right? There is an opportunity for human beings (especially those who are conscious physically of their physical bodies, so athletes, yes, but also people who are ill or simply sensitive to their own physical bodies and what feels good to them, what doesn’t feel good, and so on). So this time for the next few years is an opportunity to literally bring about transformations in the human body so that your bodies can do things.

For some of you, it will be a simple regeneration of something, maybe some portion of you not working well. Don’t expect to grow a new foot or new hand, but subtle regeneration is possible, all right, so there’s that. For others of you, it will be a transformation so that your body produces things that will work and will cause you to feel better even though from the outside it won’t be obvious at all. Only you will know.

Be aware that you need to be clear about what you want. Perhaps you have an illness or perhaps you’re suffering from an old injury, no matter when it happened. Sometimes the pain doesn’t start until later in life, or sometimes it starts and lingers, you know.