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Ascension Scenarios and Migration Choices

Ascension Scenarios and Migration Choices The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

In bioascension, how is the old Earth universe being harvested into all the new Earths now?

The bioascension physics of your new species bio-cell DNA has been initiated by the quantum master pioneers. This opened the new Earth stargates for your local universe’s transmigrations. It is coded as the joy of the essence transhuman, the divine human, or it is embodied while living as a sovereign master creator.

These bioascendant pioneers have shifted their lightbodies into the new DNA essence, or gem vessel of quantum particle interaction. Their full conscious embodiment transmits the realization that organic DNA biocell consciousness can change anything. Their ascendant sovereign creator-consciousness can aware itself into manifestation because their souls have anchored into every part of matter that animates organic essence. They know that direct experience via awareness and self-realization through the new DNA heart is the only true guidance system for life’s existence.