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Your Awakening Root Chakra

Your Awakening Root Chakra Melchior through Natalie Glasson

I am Melchior. I am the galactic Logos, and I oversee the galactic levels of the Creator’s universe, distributing the sacred energies and will of the Creator. I am neither masculine nor feminine; I am the synthesis of both, a unity and expression of the Creator. The energy I share can be perceived as silver-gold light that brings healing, awakening, enlightenment, unity within, and initiations to aid further remembrance of the Creator. I, Melchior, have been guided by the Creator to deliver three energy waves of light from the galactic level to humanity.

Receive the Galactic Energy Waves

Imagine the lower part of your torso from the base of your spine, up past your hips, and to your waist as a chalice, or cup, that collects light. Let the energy of love from your soul and heart chakra overflow to create the outline of the chalice or cup of light that fills your lower torso.

Imagine, sense, or acknowledge the color that your heart and soul is creating for the chalice. A magnificent jewel of light is in the center of the chalice. You might perceive it as red or another color. It represents your root chakra at the base of your spine. Your root chakra is opening and expanding to become a part of the chalice of light formed by your heart and soul while sending a beam of light downward through your Earth star chakra below your feet and into the core of Mother Earth.