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You Will Ascend

You Will Ascend The Galactic Federation of Light through Rainey Marie Highley

This message is the first in a series of messages I received from the Galactic Federation of Light. This message came to me a while ago, but I was hesitant to release it given that the primary group I channel is the Macroversal Council of Elders. This summer, I had a particularly profound session with the Council of Elders who told me it was time to release this information. They also said that other councils would be coming forward with important messages for humanity, lightworkers in particular. I look forward to sharing these messages as they come to me. With gratitude and respect, and so it is.

Our dearest light family members and human counterparts, we are overjoyed to speak with you now, for we have so many things to share with you. We are representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light. We are members of the Galactic Federation of Light Council, or Light Council for short. There are fifty-two members on this council, representing planets and solar systems from around our galaxy. You know our galaxy as the Milky Way galaxy, and although it is called by many names, we will refer to it as such for ease of purpose.

As you know, our galaxy exists in the universe of space and time in an area of existence known as 3D. Of course, the third density is a perspective where emotions are experienced and explored. What you are aware of now is that your Earth, your solar system, and in fact, the entire galaxy and universe are in the process of changing their perspectives. Many call this the ascension, which is an accurate description of this change we are collectively involved in here in space-time.