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You Learn Fear First to Appreciate Love

You Learn Fear First to Appreciate Love Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

There is an energy causing great disruption in thought processes on your planet. It was a part of the energy that came onto your planet during the recent two eclipses — one solar and the other lunar. While there were many diverse energies within that which enveloped your planet during these events, this one in particular is important.

The energies within the eclipses were created and combined for specific purposes. It is much like combining the ingredients of a foodstuff to create a cake or a casserole. All the ingredients are combined to enhance each other as well as for each to have a singular effect. It is as the onions in a stew enhance the flavors of the other ingredients yet retain their unique flavor.

On your planet and in your dimension, there is much turmoil and disruption of energies. This is caused by the human desire to experience fully the effect of fear. Never before has such a great energy overwhelmed your world. This is by request of the human collective. The purpose is to complete this segment of your experiences, and thus your learning, about the energy you have named fear.