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Why You Chose to Be Human

Why You Chose to Be Human The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

What is in store for the humans of Gaia (Earth), and how did Homo sapiens come to be on Earth? Many people wonder why they decided to leave the other side (heaven), where everything is beautiful, peaceful, blissful, mixed with an all-knowing presence, and made with the love of the Creator, to come to a planet full of suffering and endless fears.

First, you need a larger picture of life as God to understand that the Creative Force is an unending source of energy that must forever create that which has never been created. In other words, this energy many call God (as well as many other names) is a force that must always express itself in ways and purposes your human linear mind cannot yet understand. Let’s just say that when energy is free and unencumbered, it looks for something that will give it purpose.

Once Gaia was brought into physical manifestation and had evolved to a certain level, many kinds of animals and plants seeded Earth with life, giving Earth opportunities to thrive and evolve. For thousands of years, plants and animals advanced to where they could finally survive the experiences that Earth seemed to inflict. Over countless generations, Homo sapiens became more aware of how to stay alive by creating what was needed through imagination, learning, experiences, and creativity. Many thousands of years of birth and rebirth of the different types of Homo sapiens finally developed to the point that some were ready to be divinely seeded through the science, physics, and knowledge of a group of masterminds from various planets.