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When Your Inner Child Becomes King

When Your Inner Child Becomes King Archangel Michael and the Three Marys through Norma Gentile

Archangel Michael: You, representing the consciousness of humanity, are clearing ancient patterns related to obedience and authority. To clarify, each human, animal, and anything else within your world of form contains both male and female essences. Your visible world is created on the principle of polarity; thus it is so. Your soul is both masculine and feminine. The spiritual interaction now and through the next several years is between you — symbolized by Jupiter, the obedient son who is readying to become king — and the Sun, symbolizing the observable and external masculine figures you have created in your lives.

The Sun is an embodiment of your sacred masculine qualities. However, now the physical Sun allows itself to be cloaked by your consciousness. It is functioning as a mirror for what humanity believes masculine qualities ought to be. But that is changing!

As humanity is readying to embrace the sacred masculine rather than its profane brother — the day-to-day “power over others” masculine — the Sun itself and all the planets of your solar system (as well as regions of solar systems throughout your galaxy) are also changing. These celestial orbs are unburdening themselves of the cloak of the profane and arising into a rebirth that reflects elements of your original starseed creation. That is to say, the vibrations of sacredness from which all your visible world was originally brought into physicality are stepping forward more tangibly. And that which does not vibrate or find resonance with this original sacred tone is jarring to hear and experience.