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In Turbulent Times,Focus on Inner Peace

In Turbulent Times,Focus on Inner Peace Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

My dear and precious students, I greet you at the beginning of another new month, and with utter joy, I extend greetings and blessings to you all from my friends here on the spiritual plane. May this year be remarkably rich with learning for all of you, and may the spiritual strides you make this year bless you now and throughout coming lifetimes. May your paths offer you strength, beauty, and profound inspiration, and may you arise each day with a sincere wish to benefit all other sentient beings.

At this point in collective evolution, it is truly important to consciously sharpen your discernment faculties in all areas. Clarity has never been more important, and it will certainly support your successful negotiation of the chaotic global scenario that continually bombards you.

As I observe the state of the world today, my heart field is moved with deep, even profound, compassion for the struggles and confusion so many are now experiencing. Indeed, this is a time filled with uncertainty, since the Aquarian Age has not yet come fully into form. While it may be obvious that an old paradigm is dying, that which will take its place is not yet congealed in either conventional reality or the hearts and minds of those making the transition. Thus, I urge all of you to extend compassion to all other beings as often as possible.