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Tap Into the Power of Your Spiritual Community

Tap Into the Power of Your Spiritual Community Amma through Cathy Chapman

Good life to you, my precious one. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. I keep you safely in my womb. There you are nurtured, loved, and protected. You may look at your life and wonder, “How am I loved and protected?” You recall the difficulties you have had and wonder why things have not been better if you are loved and protected. Today I wish to express the overall purpose of your life and all your lifetimes.

You view yourself as one person who has multitudes of experiences. You might have a passion that drives you in this lifetime, or you might still be searching for your passion. Yes, there is a purpose you identified when you incarnated on this wonderful planet you call Earth. This message, however, is not about this lifetime. This message is about your overall purpose as a soul and how that purpose serves the goal of Love That Is. In other words, your purpose serves the overall purpose of the Oneness.

All Lifetimes Are Interconnected

Are you surprised that the Oneness has a purpose? When I tell you what the purpose of the Oneness is, you might disagree: The Oneness is to be what it is, Love Itself. The Oneness, which many of you call God, is simply love. God can be nothing but love although, through you, God explores not-love.