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The Soul’s Twelve Universal Truths

The Soul’s Twelve Universal Truths Ascended Master Melchizedek through Judith K. Moore

Divine beings of light and love, I greet you from the source of all oneness. I am Master Melchizedek. The veil has lifted. The material plane and the distortions of the old paradigm no longer limit you. You are free to awaken to the holy power of your light and to enter the new paradigm as fully multidimensional beings. Your soul is expanding as you enter this ascension process, and the potential for reality’s expansion is infinite. Now you can be in the material reality without being limited by it. You are capable of being conscious in nonphysical realms while being fully present in the material reality.

This time of transition is marked by a passage from darkness to light. The light of universal oneness flows into the deepest realms of human suffering, releasing all energies that held humanity in a pattern of limitation and discomfort and healing the soul of human consciousness. Each of you experiences this transition in a unique way. It is very personal as well as collective. The shift has altered the nature of reality as you knew it and is forming a new reality of oneness and love. Your soul has agreed to make this journey of faith. You are exploring the new hologram of reality through your personal experience. As you actualize this change, you are part of the massive change humanity must make to ascend to a new level of consciousness.

Your soul has journeyed through many lifetimes in which you have made the sacred choice to be of service to the light regardless of oppressive forces. You chose liberation, and this choice affirms your current state of emerging grace.