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Smile Your Way Home

Smile Your Way Home Elrah of Rhythmic Service and the Keeper of Time through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones, I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service. I have not addressed you lately because, quite honestly, a lot of you have been way too serious. Well, it is time to laugh a little bit and bring some of the energy back so that you can see things from a different perspective. Yes, we know you have to get past your grieving process. Often when you discover something new, it takes a little while to adjust your minds and hearts. You have been involved in this since the very beginning, and now we have the opportunity to take you further than ever before. Know that one of the most important pieces you all can start working with right now is to start stepping into your perfect selves.

Because you live on this planet of imperfection, you have had to divide into eleven different rays to survive. Perhaps it will help to think of it as hitting a prism with a light, casting different shadows and light fractions on the surfaces. Well, you do the same thing.

To us, you are perfect beings. You are hiding your imperfections so that you can play this game of pretending to be human. Re-member that because it is very important. Oh yes, we know a lot of you think it is not really a game. It seems way too serious to be a game, but just wait until you get Home. You will have the laugh of your life, and it will take you weeks and weeks to stop! Why? Because it is so incredibly beautiful, and so are you when you revisit that beautiful sacred energy of the laugh. In truth, I was going to write a book, and the title was going to be Smile Your Way Home. Yes, that is really how it starts for all of you, so we hope you re-member that stepping forward.