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Shamanic Wisdom: Awaken, Unburden, Create

Shamanic Wisdom: Awaken, Unburden, Create Jan Engels-Smith

Many years ago, I worked with a client who was a doctor. His primary clientele were patients with spinal or brain injuries. They were mainly quadriplegic or paraplegic and suffering on multiple levels — not just the loss of mobility but the sudden dramatic change in lifestyle and livelihood caused by severe disability. Many suffered from depression. It is hard to imagine how difficult such a life would be.

My client was enthusiastic about the soul retrieval process I had performed on him and wanted to bring this healing modality to his patients. The question was, how do we reach these men and women? They were not capable of coming to me for a session, and in many cases, their situations were so dismal that learning shamanism seemed overwhelming.

My client kept asking me how we could reach these people because he felt that they would heal and acclimate to their new lifestyles more rapidly if they received soul retrievals. I pondered and prayed about this.