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The Sacred Geometry in the Seed of Buddha Meditation

The Sacred Geometry in the Seed of Buddha Meditation Ethan Indigo Smith

When I first began to explore the four dimensions of sacred geometry in meditation, I found that many practices reflected the idea. One of my favorite meditations is extracted from Buddhist lessons. Known as the Seed of Buddha meditation, this practice is one of the most powerful I have learned. It is believed that the Buddha himself practiced and taught this meditation, just as I learned it from a Tibetan Buddhist monk from Nepal. It is direct and simple, and it can open us up to receive profound and infinitely complex spiritual lessons.

The profundity of each idea in this meditation cannot be understated. Each concept has been elaborated on for centuries, since the time of Buddha. Thus, the presentation here is a simplification of the ideas and processes that might be endlessly explored and refined as part of your personal inward exploration.

Following are the steps to perform this meditation. But as always, it is the energy you bring that contains the real spiritual power — the highest potential for universal connection, which is inherently within everyone.