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Revelations Come to Eyes Wide Shut

Revelations Come to Eyes Wide Shut Lynn Buess

The monetary convulsions forewarned for years will become more evident even to the slow-to-awaken among the mass consciousness. Discernment and trust in intuition will be vital in weaving your way through the transition into a new economic paradigm.

There comes more shocking revelations of sex trafficking and child abuse connected to high levels in influential institutions worldwide. Even those who have been programmed into numbness will be horrified at the insidious acts of this long-time organized web. Big names go down as the list becomes so large that it will be very difficult for the misdirected and indifferent citizens to fathom.

Dark information hidden for centuries rises closer to the surface, revealing the level of corruption, lies, manipulation, and control permeating governments, corporations, and virtually all social institutions. Instability, confusion, and uncertainty ramp up across the globe. It will not all be revealed this month. Rather, there is the suggestion that a turning point in critical mass has been reached in which more truth comes into light and the hidden is revealed.